Brief Intro To Charge Capture

A number of angles or descriptions could be given. But really, just what is charge capture? Here is but just one brief and generalized and introductory overview for you.

what is charge capture

It has something to do with effective accounting practices, or good bookkeeping for the business. But more to the point, this is a system that is mostly utilized by medical practitioners in private practice to ensure that they can complete their billing in a timely manner and get paid on time before their books are closed for the month.

The public health administration system is also familiar with the charge capture billing system. Many public health administration centers are already on to it. Unfortunately, there are still those that are lagging. Perhaps in the spirit of free medical services to those who generally would not be able to afford it at any rate, there is no sense of urgency at this level.

But in the health services sector, charge capture is not just about getting paid on time for services rendered. More important is the capture of important information pertaining to the general or acute condition of the patient being treated. This is also an opportunity to capture the patient’s entire medical history for the purposes of good record keeping and in the event that he or she is afflicted with a serious medical condition that would require extremely close examination prior to being treated.

The charge capture system also paves the way for an effective and close collaboration with all co-payers and important stakeholders involved in the patient’s treatment and care. These parties will include medical aid or medical plan administrators, specialists and retail pharmacists. Apart from the swift payments being made, all stakeholders are able to respond in a timely manner to the patient’s condition and required treatment protocols.

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